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Product details:

Our RAINBOW silk tunic unites various colours to a dreamy swirl bringing a flow of joy to your day-to-day or any special occasion. The unique print is inspired by the colours of the 70s, giving you the luxurious feeling of vintage high fashion in a modern world. 

Our tunic is made of pure silk and is the perfect choice for a summer day, as it is airy, casual and chic at the same time. Thrown over in the mornings or comfortably at night it can also be worn as homewear. The soft and silky feel will calm your mood instantly and make this your new favorite piece of colourful clothing.

Size: 120 x 120cm, one size

Material: 100% georgette silk



Unsere RAINBOW Tunika vereint mehrere Farben zu einem traumhaften Fluss und bringt somit einen Freudensstrahl in Ihren Alltag oder jeden besonderen Anlass. Dieser besondere Druck ist inspiriert von den Farben der 70er und wird Ihnen ein luxuriöses Tragegefühl geben.


Unsere Tunika ist aus reiner Seide hergestellt und die perfekte Wahl für einen Sommertag und überzeugt mit seiner Leichtigkeit und verleiht jedem Outfit einen unvergleichlichen Flair.


Größe: 120 x 120cm, Einheitsgröße

Material: 100% Georgette Seide

Handmade in Nepal

 Its goal is to offer rural women in particular viable, long-term career prospects. Since most of them can neither write nor read, their manual skills in processing cashmere yarns are the only way to contribute to the family's livelihood. Simone Bruns: “A woman can feed her entire family by making just one scarf.” Her value chain begins in her own country with the development and design of the collections. On site in the Himalayas, the women implement the designs under the guidance of a local employee. In the end, each hand-crocheted and knitted unique item is given its own serial number and makes its way to Germany. For their work, the women receive a monthly salary that is well above the average income of a Nepalese. Simone Bruns' deepest wish is therefore to convince as many women in Germany and Europe as possible of this global cooperation. She says: "Our products are unique and luxurious highlights in every woman's wardrobe. Each and every one of them is also an ambassador of humanity and appreciation.”

Über unseren Kashmir Garn

Cashmere is one of the most valuable and noblest natural fibers. The highest quality cashmere comes from the highlands of Asia, from China and Mongolia. Because the climatic and vegetative conditions there are ideal for the cashmere goat. The higher the region is and the more barren the steppe, the better the development of the warm undercoat. Only in spring, during the natural shedding of cashmere goats, can around 250 grams of cashmere fluff per animal be obtained by combing out. This amount is needed to make one Simone Bruns Basic sweater.

For our products we use sustainable and supreme quality cashmere by CONSINEE, a group specialized in the production, dying and export of high-end, especially woolen, fabrics.

CONSINEE is the world leader in luxury yarns and works with big fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermès, Chanel, Max Mara, Balenciaga, Paul Smith or Ralph Lauren.

The group was founded in 1999 and has always valued sustainability, transparency, tradition and heritage.

The raw cashmere fibers are sourced from experienced goat herders in Inner Mongolia. All of CONSINEE’s partner farms have to work under strict animal welfare and environmental guidelines. CONSINEE is also socially engaged in offering prosperity and welfare to the herders and their families.

Concerning the animals, the guidelines include the following points: breeding, shearing, feeding, transportation and general health and welfare of the goat. CONSINEE has a partnership with The Good Cashmere Standard. For more information please visit:

In the last years mass sheep and goat farming in Inner Mongolia has increased and caused a widespread degradation of the grassland and increased desertification. Therefore, CONSINEE group has insisted on preserving the grassland and ecological environment in the key farming regions of Inner Mongolia, with strict control of herd sizes and grazing.

CONSINEE also keeps strict guidelines regarding the standard of the fineness and fiber length to ensure top product quality. Out of the raw fiber is then produced a yarn. CONSINEE’s factory works with high-grade wool equipment in partnership with SIEMENS (Germany) and a specialized team of employees with years of experience in high-end wool spinning, development and production.

Cashmere Care

Cashmere does not have to be chemically cleaned, but can be washed in the washing machine on the wool cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees. Please do not use any washing powder, but only special liquid wool detergents, as these are tailored to the special features of animal fibers and therefore provide optimal care. Even a small amount of our concentrated Simone Bruns care product guarantees a good result. After washing, cashmere can be tumbled cold in the dryer for 15 minutes. The knitting pattern comes into its own again.
Cashmere is a particularly delicate but also very elastic material. Due to the fine fibers we use, the material tends to pill easily, especially at the beginning. However, this decreases significantly over time. With smooth knits, carefully remove the resulting knots with a cashmere comb.

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Edle Cashmere-Basics von zeitloser Eleganz

Mit meiner Kollektion will ich meine Kundinnen animieren, sich als Frau neu zu erfinden und ihre Weiblichkeit lustvoll zu inszenieren.
Jedes Teil ist das Ergebnis höchster Qualitätsstandards in allen Bereichen: Von der Wahl des Basismaterials bis zur Produktion. Wir bei CASHMERE COUTURE by Simone Bruns verwenden ausschließlich hochwertigste Hochland-Cashmere Garne aus Nepal. Sie bestechen durch ihre besonders softe Haptik, einen Schimmer wie Perlenstaub, sowie unvergleichlichen Tragekomfort.