team in Nepal


Badri (45 years old) looks after the homeworkers on site

Badri is actually a tour guide and speaks perfect German, knows Nepal like no other and is one of the best guides in the country. After the earthquake, the tourists stayed away and Badri hasn't had any jobs to feed him and his family for 4 months. The reserves are exhausted and now he hopes with Simone Bruns | CASHMERE COUTURE to build a new mainstay in order to be able to feed his family again in the future and to be able to offer his 11-year-old son a perspective.

We look forward to every order that we can send to him!




Sarita (37 years old) married, 1 son

She is a housewife and mother of an 11-year-old son. She loves bright colors and especially likes to crochet. With one scarf a month, she can support her family, because her husband hasn't worked as a tourist guide since the earthquake and the family hasn't been doing well financially since then. She has the scarf she is wearing for Simone Bruns | CASHMERE COUTURE made. She chose the great bright color.




Sunny (30 years old) married, 2 children

She is a housewife and mother of a 10-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy. Since the earthquake, the family home was uninhabitable and they lived as a family in a tent for over 4 months. Now they have returned to their house and have to rebuild everything. She loves to crochet and knit and always has some good ideas and inspiration for me. She has never had a paid job in her life. By Simone Bruns | CASHMERE COUTURE, for the first time in her life, she gets a good salary with which she can support her family in the long term.




Tatu MayaTatu Maya (55 years old) widow, 3 children

She is a housewife and widow and raises her 3 children alone. When the children were still very small, the man died in a tragic accident at work. The earthquake made her house uninhabitable and she lived in a tent with her children for over 3 months. Now her life starts from scratch, she is one of the poorest in society and lives exclusively on charity. She has never had a paid job in her life. By Simone Bruns | CASHMERE COUTURE she gets a good wage for the first time in her life with which she can feed her 3 children and rebuild her home. For a better future she crochet and knit like a champion!





Kamala (37 years old) single parent, 2 children

This is Kamala. I met her in front of the Bindhyabasini Temple in Pokhara. She has been sitting there for 7 years begging for alms by selling small gifts of thanks to the temple guests. She cannot read or write. Her house and that of her parents is completely destroyed. They still live in tents. We buy our temple ribbons from her every month. Since then she has been able to provide for her family better and has started to learn to read.nnengelernt. Dort sitzt sie schon seit 7 Jahren und bettelt nach Almosen, in dem sie kleine Dankesgaben an die Tempelgäste verkauft. Schreiben und lesen kann sie nicht. Ihr Haus und das ihrer Eltern ist komplett zerstört. Sie wohnen immer noch in Zelten. Bei ihr kaufen wir jeden Monat unsere Tempelbänder. Seitdem kann sie ihre Familie wieder besser versorgen und hat angefangen, lesen zu lernen.