handmade in Nepal

 Its goal is to offer rural women in particular viable, long-term career prospects. Since most of them can neither write nor read, their manual skills in processing cashmere yarns are the only way to contribute to the family's livelihood. Simone Bruns: “A woman can feed her entire family by making just one scarf.” Her value chain begins in her own country with the development and design of the collections. On site in the Himalayas, the women implement the designs under the guidance of a local employee. In the end, each hand-crocheted and knitted unique item is given its own serial number and makes its way to Germany. For their work, the women receive a monthly salary that is well above the average income of a Nepalese. Simone Bruns' deepest wish is therefore to convince as many women in Germany and Europe as possible of this global cooperation. She says: "Our products are unique and luxurious highlights in every woman's wardrobe. Each and every one of them is also an ambassador of humanity and appreciation.”