Simone Bruns

Simone Bruns has become a prominent figure in the international arts – and charity arena. With several, often spectacular events and auctions she managed to raise 1.5 million Euros for various good causes. A great success has been her 2014 photography auction on behalf of “Welthungerhilfe“, through which she gathered 200 000 Euros for Sierra Leone. The funds were used to support local farmers recultivate their land for growing organic cocoa, helping them to compete on a global market and achieve more sustainable livelihoods. Simone Bruns describes this experience as a personal and professional turning point: “being able to help people on the other side of the world by using my network has been incredibly rewarding“.

In 2015, Simone Bruns founded her fashion label “CASHMERE COUTURE / SIMONE BRUNS“. Deeply touched by the crisis unfolding, she travelled to Nepal after the earthquake in April and began to draw a global alliance with rural Cashmere producers. Due to widespread illiteracy, many peoples livelihood depends on their ability to produce Cashmere threads. Simone Bruns goal is to create long term and sustainable professional perspectives in Nepal, particularly for women.

Simone Bruns' work begins at home with the development of her fashion collections.  Back in the Himalayas, the female workers implement her designs under supervision of a local employee. Each uniquely handmade item receives a serial number before it gets send to Germany. The women receive a monthly wage significantly above the average Nepalese income. It is Simone Bruns deepest wish to reach as many women as possible for this exclusive cooperation. “Our products are unique and luxurious highlights in every woman's closet. Each of our items is also a symbol of hope and opportunity“.